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Announced early Saturday Morning, D.E.F.I.A.N.C.E. representative Cenex Langly posted a war report of a seemingly ongoing conflict between them and Rise of Legion (ROFL).  The main contingents, as can be observed above, was ROFL's Death Dealers and SiK Nation.

While this may only be side news in the grand scheme of things, it does give somewhat of a clue as to why we haven't seen ROFL reach headlines.  As most can remember, the headlines have been dominated by the conflicts over specific constellational regions and the support used to obtain them; namely the empires setup by Negative-Feedback, Cronos, Orion, and EoN.

ROFL as an Alliance is one of the oldest for Dust 514 Mercenaries.  Made up of veterans of the sons and daughters of the Shadow Wars on Earth, ROFL bulks some of the most effective fighting units together.  They however have ignored spotlight by avoiding dramatic outpourings on Comm Chatter, as well as by retaining themselves respectfully in their region of space.  Little threats against other major Mercenary forces have been seen or heard.  The news of their loss in Space gives insight to what might actually be happening:  ROFL is trying to gain an edge with the space-side of warfare.

Most corporate CEOs are aware of the potential of orbital support.  As territory for Mercenaries expand and the risks increase with more and more regional space, it becomes quite obvious that support from Space will be a key to victory.  While ROFL seems to be trying an early advancement in this region, it should not distract from the fact that they seem to be failing at their main objective.

This should serve as a lesson for those both interested and disinterested in Space-based support:  Choose your grounds wisely.  And don't expect anything to be easy.

Over the past two weeks, explosive amounts of data have poured in from the channels all related to the development of territory acquisition and securement by various Dust 514 Corporations and Alliances.  As accurately predicted, the Alliance systems have proven to be the vital linking point for the survival of many key organizations, such as Seraphim Initiative, SyNergy Gaming, What the French, and The Imperfects.

One thing that certainly hasn't dropped off is people's interest in the developments.  Courtesy of Havok Corp's sponsor, Info Broker, the following data is a hard critical look at the developments...some which has been seen before, some not:

The real critical hard data however comes from how each particular Alliance made its gains throughout the weeks.  InfoBroker's assessment shows that Orion's Empire has hit major difficulties in securing long-term district holdings, while Cronos and EoN have been spending most of their time trying to obtain an upper hand.

Cronos' holdings as a whole however have come into questionable light with rumors of WTF's dissatisfaction with Seraphim Initiative and their efforts at conquest.  Despite this, Cronos remains a dominant force in the Mid constellations of Molden Heath.

ROFL as a whole has seen little breakthrough in comparison to other Alliances, primarily against smaller Corporations and Alliances that were forced to rely on others for support.  They were not without some key battles however, such as UP$'s loss to Nyain San.

EoN left with a series of victories for sections of their Alliance, but with losses in other sections such as Rogue Spades' loss against Seraphim and Red Guards' losses against GAC and WTF.

Presently, Negative-Feedback is retaining the most district victories as well as the least amount of losses overall.  The following graph shows the development of control over the two week period:

Finally, a major cause of popular concern stems from the holdings of STB, the SVER True Bloods, led by Quickgloves.  Arguably the pop culture misfits of New Eden since Dust's introduction, STB secured their own constellation and managed to hold it for a few days before being assaulted by Imperfects and Internal Error.  Dubbing their central constellation planet as 'SVER Prime' (a purely iconic name), Quickgloves has gone on a public speaking tour with various organizations to make statements about SVER's ongoing plans and preparations.

DustMercs, another news organization affiliated with New Eden that fancies itself after our name (GNN), recently highlighted statements made by Quickgloves in response to the overall situation with Imperfects.  His statements however, and the publication of them, mask the overall unimportance that this situation has in comparison to the other more complex dynamics, such as Orion, Cronos, and EoN.  Suggestions made by DustMercs hint at the idea that EoN and Imperfects have somehow reached an accord, with EoN accepting a subordinate role.  If anything, the real story is here...and discovering just what exactly is the truth behind EoN and Imperfects?  And if there is truths to report, how do they affect Cronos and Orion?


In a report submitted 5/22, The Info Broker showcased a presentation of Molden Heath's corporate development and the ongoing conflicts between the major Corporations of the region.

Some of the key highlights of the report was Cronos' ongoing conflict with EoN.  A successful attack on Audesder has created for Cronos a field base for continued assault, while they simultaneously managed to retain full control of Systems near their more centralized region.  The Orion Empire, on the other hand, suffered major losses from EoN, principally driven out of the Taratven Constellation entirely.  Unclaimed lost territory to Cronos while ROFL made slight headway despite a major loss to Negative-Feedback. 

It was in fact N-F's assaults on Cronos, Orion, and ROFL territories that caught the pinnacle of attention.  It has led some to believe that they have secret ties with EoN, since they have made little threat to the Alliance; however at this point these are merely Rumors.

The bulk of the data is the following:

Secured all remaining Hadaleolfarbar for full Control
Secured all remaining districts on Oddelelf for full Control
Pressing a heavy offensive on bosena, taking majority control on the planet
Attacked EoN and set up a base on audesder

Suffered heavy losses on Aedaid from EoN
Driven out of Audesder by EoN
Suffered heavy losses on Hrober from Negative Feedback/EoN attacks.
Appears to have attacked themselves on Hrober for protection (12 attacks with 0 clone loss) 960,000M ISK cost.

Gained Majority Control of Muttokon from Unclaimed
Gained Majority Control of Aedaid from ORION
Gained Majority Control of Hrober from ORION
Removed Orion from Audesder
Lost a district to CRONOS in Audesder

Drove Unclaimed from Egbinger
Lost Complete Control of Aeditide
Lost a district on Osvetur to League of Infamy
Drove Orion out of Klinght, but lost the gains to NF

Attacked mimiror and nearly secured it from Covert Intervention
Lost all land on egbinger and muttokon

Negative Feedback
Attacked Osvertur and took a district from ROFL
Attacked Klingt and took a district from an unallied Corp
Attacked Altbrard and took a district from CRONOS
Attacked Hrober and inflicted heavy losses on ORION

Leauge of Infamy
Suffered losses on bosena at the hands of CRONOS
Attacked osvetur and took a district from ROFL"

As the early days of full deployment settle, the major players in planetary conquest have made stakes, taken claims, and accrued losses.  EoN, Cronos, N-F, and Orion appear to be the major active players right now.

Over the past few days, the EoN Alliance has seen more victories than losses in the Taratven constellation sector, while Cronos has been bulking it's forces more North.  Little public comment has been made by Corporate leaders and GNN has yet to be contacted for specific details.

The first 24 hours of fighting was recorded with hard data.  While the cluster of fighting began hectically, lines of attrition were eventually drawn by the 48th hour.  The above listed corporations are the main identities to focus on.

A high point of dramatic encounters this past few days has been Cronos' successful infiltration of at least two corporations in efforts to destabilize the balance of war.  A successful infiltration was made against EoN in the Red Guard Corporation; while an unsuccessful one was made against Hellstorm Incorporated.  While there has been much discussion on both sides of the matter, it is clear that Cronos' efforts are raising attention and thoughts about the methods of proper deployment.  A former response by CPM Kaine Spero caught some attention.

Their actions caught attention from N-F, who had plenty to comment on the matter.  Chatter went to high levels on Monday as it was announced that Delta Force's provocation of N-F's Imperfects has resulted in a declaration of war:

"Good evening,

Yesterday at approximately 2200 Eve time the corporation Delta Force launched an unprovoked attack against our home district JumP Prime, named after the late Amarrian Princess Protomanx23. Fortunately, our defenses were in place and the invaders were pushed back with ease. However, in Delta Force's mounting frustration in not being able to breach our superior defenses. One of their squad leaders voluntarily decided to target an Amarrian Settlement Division with a precision strike. Evacuation orders were given, but one Proud Amarrian was unable to escape the blast. More Information on this subject will be given at a later time.

As the leaders of the free mercenary world, The Imperfects by nature are non aggressive. However, targeting civilian installations with the intent to harm innocent bystanders is unacceptable. Moreover, Delta Force doing so voluntarily is unforgivable.

At this time, The Imperfects are here by declaring war on Delta Force and will be launching a massive offensive in the up and coming days. You're a threat to every innocent civilian in the system, thus giving us no other choice. Let this be a lesson to all. Targeting civilians will never ever be acceptable.

>>Excerpt from Coroners Report
>Name: Gallus Serinus
>Occupation: Retired. Former occupation: Professor.
>Cause of death: Crushed and incinerated by fire from orbit.

The Imperfects regret to inform friends, family and former colleagues of Professor Gallus Serinus, former educator at the Royal Amarr Institute, who retired to work as a tutor at an Amarrian Settlement, of his passing.

Gallus lived a noble life in accordance with The Scriptures and his integrity never faltered. His every breath was taken in service to the future of our Empire and even in passing, he served. By all accounts, Gallus perished in fighting the flow of the evacuating residents to reenter the settlement and assist a child, bedridden after a complicated surgery, to safety. The child, who is unnamed for her privacy, explained through sobbing breaths that Professor Serinus carried her down the street to a house he knew contained a small vault, in which he hid her. Regrettably, there was only enough space for a sole occupant and Gallus was caught by the orbital bombardment while searching for alternative cover after ensuring the child's safety.

Chief of Staff, Imperfects PR

Dust Settles

Olivia Darby a posted May 16, 13

After a long 48 hours of fights and turmoil, the dust has begun to settle and the situation of Corporate Governments has begun the process of clearing itself out.  Of the major entities out there, a few names have made it big in their quest for territories.

CRONOS, ROFL, STB, and EoN have all pushed hard in their efforts to secure territories that each sees equally advantageous toward their own ends.  STB themselves managed to hold down the entire constellation of Meildof, which contains a 9-district planet in the Meildolf System.

But what makes territory strategic?  One may familiarize themselves with other territorial acquisition scenarios; RISK, Axis and Allies, and World of Tanks Online.  But the real key to knowing the value of territory is equating its existence to those around it.  How does one territory relate to one another?  As such, natural systems of efficiency in terms of both offensive and defensive capabilities can accurately be judged by a territory's location.

Consider Austrailia, the Continent of Earth left in the small corner of the globe.  It's strategic location however, is more valuable than that of Europe if things were to develop into a full scale war.  The territory is defensive, and it has plenty of region to spread out its effectiveness.  This is what Corporate leaders will be seeking:  Avenues of secure existence.

The largest conflict to emerge within the first few days was the opening of direct full conflict between the Orion Empire and the EoN Alliance.  Representatives of different Governments, the two Alliances are also uniquely posed against one another on the grounds of respect and history.  For now, this remains the main open conflict for contention.  EoN and Cronos are currently fighting over region Tartatvan, and outlining regions of that constellation.

EoN. = 16 (35%) 9=Science Labs 4=Manufacture 3=Cargo
Orion Empire = 19 (41%) 8=Science Lab 5=Manufacture 6=Cargo
Other = 9 (20%) 2=Science Lab 3=Manufacture 4=Cargo

Of all the groups involved, not much has been heard from the world of Negative Feedback.  Hopefully within the near future GNN will grab an exclusive to get more info.
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